1. To see the different items of clothing that are only available in the Recycler, tap on the box with the one next to it. You can use old, unwanted items to get the ones displayed here.
  2. You can choose here to recycle clothes, furniture, or use the merge bot.  
  3. The items you select to recycle show up here. When you have decided what four items you would like to recycle, tap the recycle button underneath.
  4. This button (called the recycle button) displays how much it costs to recycle four items with the same star value. When you tap the button, the currency and old items are consumed and you’re given a new item one rarity level higher than the ones you recycled. Keep in mind that the more stars the items you are recycling have, the more the recycling process will cost.
  5. Tap this button to recycle 40 items at once.
  6. This is where you choose which items you want to recycle. If you only have one item of clothing in your wardrobe, it will not show up in the Recycler.
  7. Tapping this symbol will lock the item of clothing so that you won’t accidentally recycle something that you would like to keep.
  8. This tab allows you to select what rarity level of clothing you want to recycle. You have to have a minimum of four clothing items in order to use the Recycler. The items all need to be the same rarity level. You can recycle all rarities of items, except 5-star ones. The higher the star rating of the items you recycle, the more likely you are to get a 5-star.
  9. If you don’t want another item of clothing, you can tap this button and sell the clothes for a quarter of the original price.