When you enter Hotel Hideaway, the Elevator (located on the right) allows you to travel directly to the room of your choice. By tapping on the name of the room, you’ll instantly be transported to the selected room.

1. This is where you pick up your daily reward. Occasionally there will be another calendar here, where you will be able to pick up rewards and special items.

2. This is where you can read the latest hotel news. As well as our Instagram, the news section is where we post important stuff, so be sure to check both regularly. This is also where you can claim your Habbo items.

3. These are the different rooms you can visit in the Hotel. If you see a ribbon with a lock, it means the room is locked. To unlock it, you need to level up.

4. Published rooms are rooms made by other users. Tap on this button in order to meet other users in spaces that they have designed themselves.

5. This is your room. It’s a private space where you can go. Guests that are on your friends list are able to follow you. You can lock and unlock the room by tapping on the green sign next to it.

6. If you want to join your friends, tap this button and you will be taken straight to the room where most of your friends are at that moment in time.

7. If you want to use Vamos, you can do so here from the Elevator.

8. These are quick access button for various features in Hotel Hideaway.

9. If you have an offer, it will appear here, with the time you have left to claim it.