If you have been banned, it means that you have violated the Hotel Hideaway Terms of Service in some way. Potential violations include (but are not limited to):

  • Unsolicited sexual advances to another guest.
  • Creating rooms with the intent to bully or spread hate and/or racism.
  • Creating rooms with the intent to share or solicit sexual images or content from other users.
  • Hate speech. (Defined here)
  • Being underage, or having your account being accessed by an underage person.
  • Having an inappropriate name.
  • Creating rooms with names and/or descriptions that have been previously removed by us.
  • Any other inappropriate behaviour with the intent to harass players in-game.

We reserve the right to ban your account without giving any prior warning. In Hotel Hideaway, if you get banned because of the behaviour of one avatar, all of the avatars on that account will be banned. If we deem your behaviour serious enough, we will also ban all other accounts that you create. 

If you violate the Hotel Hideaway Terms of Service, you will typically receive a sanction according to the following gradual sanction system:


  • 15 Min Mute
  • 60 Min Mute
  • 2 Hour Ban
  • 12 Hour Ban
  • 24 Hour Ban
  • 48 Hour Ban
  • 72 Hour Ban
  • 7 Day Ban
  • 30 Day Ban
  • 61 Day Ban
  • Permanent Ban

A player with a clean sanction path will begin with a 15 min mute and their following sanction will be a 60 min mute - with each following sanction progressing along the gradual sanction path.

Note that when receiving a sanction you will be placed on a probationary period. If you ensure to follow our Community Rules during that time, your sanction path will eventually be reset upon the expiry of your probation. If you would like to appeal your ban, you may contact us and we will review your case. 

In extreme cases, we reserve the right to sanction your account for any duration of time, irrespective of your progress on the gradual sanction path - including to issue a direct permanent ban.