VIP-stickers are similar to normal stickers, but they can only be used when your VIP membership is active. All users will be able to see the VIP stickers, so you can show them off to everyone!

When you purchase VIP, the unlocked stickers will give you XP. If you are no longer a VIP, you do not lose the XP, however you only get the XP once.

Some VIP stickers will unlock with VIP that is given to you through the daily tasks or by donation from staff, but there are some VIP stickers that will unlock only if a real money purchase is made.

VIP-stickers are visible to everyone in chat and on player cards, but only VIPs can use them. In Sticktionary, there is a new page “VIP-stickers”, where all the stickers are shown, but non-VIPs see them dimmed / a bit grayed out.

When you buy VIP you get the XP from the unlocked stickers. When VIP runs out you don't lose the XP but you can not use the stickers.