Pins are rewards users can unlock and win. They are pretty similar to stickers, but with some exceptions:

  • Pins can be freely placed on the profile card.
  • Pins cannot be resized or rotated.
  • A pin can be placed in a special slot next to your avatar name and it will be used as your avatar icon.
  • Pins will use the same profile card slots as stickers.
  • You can only have a maximum of 11 pins and stickers in total (The special slot next to the avatar name will be counted as one of the slots)
There are two different types of pins: static pins and upgradable pins. To know how to unlock a pin, just tap on it and an info box will appear to tell you how to do it.

There are also what we call ‘seasonal’ pins – these are given out during specific times of the year and are usually a one-off, i.e. they won’t be available again once they’ve been released.