To vote on the outfits that other guests have submitted, tap on the ‘vote’ tab. Choose the theme you’d like to vote for – you’ll be given a prompt so you know what sort of outfit to look out for.

When you vote on a photoshoot, you’ll be shown three sets of outfits. Each set contains two outfits – you have to choose one from each set. If you can’t decide, you can tap the = icon in the middle. After you’ve done this, you’ll be shown all three outfits you chose. You then have to pick your final favourite. Always select the outfit you think fits the theme best.

If you are voting in a photoshoot and leave either Trials of Style or Hotel Hideaway before completing all the votes, when you open Trials of Style again, you will be taken back to the same competition to complete the votes. 

Completing the voting process earns you tickets, which you need in order to enter Trials of Style competitions yourself.

If we detect that you are spam voting, your votes will not be counted.