To take part in a Trials of Style photoshoot, tap the button in the bottom left corner. Doing this will open Trials of Style on the voting page. Tap ‘Photo Shoots’ tab and select which competition you would like to take part in. Each photoshoot requires tickets to enter – ticket entry price will differ depending on the difficulty of the challenge. All guests will be rewarded for submitting an outfit in a photoshoot.

There are different types of photoshoots that you can choose to take part in. You will be able to see:
  • The theme of the photoshoot. 
  • The background (for extra inspiration!)
  • When the photoshoot ends. 
  • When the voting ends - (so you know when you’ll get your rewards!)
  • The available rewards. 
  • Clothing requirements - what types of items users need to own and use in order to participate. 
  • The difficulty of the photoshoot.

Photoshoots are arranged in order of ending times, from earliest to latest. You’ll be able to see the photoshoots you can enter, the photoshoots you’ve already entered, and the photoshoots that you’ve entered and that are being voted on. 

If you enter an avatar with the default items, your entry will not be shown to other guests. Until voting actually starts, you can edit your outfit. You will be able to participate multiple times in a photoshoot, however, only your highest score will count towards your season score.

Outfits that finish in the top 10 in a global Trials of Style photoshoot will have a reward sent to their inbox.