The below list outlines some of the things that Hotel Hideaway takes into consideration when making the decision to ban users. This is not everything that is taken into account when making the decision to ban someone.

Once we receive a report, we always check what happened in our own logs. If you report someone, we always recommend that you block them too.
  1. Does this content break our community rules? - In some cases, the best solution is to take action to protect yourself. You can do this by either blocking the other user, banning them from your room, or kicking them.
  2. Did the issue happen in Hotel Hideaway? - We are only able to act on issues that have happened inside Hotel Hideaway. We recommend that you do not share your personal information with other users. If someone that you have met in Hotel Hideaway harasses you in another game or service, you need to use the tools they provide to either mute or block them. You should also report the user there. If you are concerned for your safety, we recommend that you also report it to your local law enforcement authority.
  3. Can we trust this content? - Screenshots can be helpful for us in order to pinpoint when something was said, but as they can be doctored, we still need to make sure that the alleged statements were actually made.
  4. How did other users respond? - In some cases (but not all), we take into consideration how other users responded to the user that we are investigating.
The number of reports against a user that we receive does not make a difference in the way that we investigate cases. When you report another user, we are not able to share any results of the investigation that we carry out with you.