Patterns allow you to customise the walls and floors in your room! To edit your walls and floors, tap on the room editing gizmo, then tap on the third tab (this contains all the patterns.) You can then drag the pattern to any of the floors or walls in your room and it will be applied. You are also able to choose different colours for the patterns.

Once you are happy with a pattern and its colour, you can scale the pattern by dragging on the grey widget with two arrows. There is a maximum and a minimum size that the patterns will scale to. You can also rotate the patterns by using the blue widget with the circular arrow. It will spin around a point that you place on the wall by tapping. You can also change the position of the pattern by tapping and dragging within the white outline.

If you want to copy the pattern so that you can use it on other walls and floors, you can do this by tapping the paint roller and dragging it to the surface(s) you wish to change. It will copy the pattern along with details including its angle and scaling.

Some room elements (such as skirting boards, stair rails, stairs and curtains) are colourable but cannot have patterns applied to them.