1. This is the name of the store.
  2. This is the revert button. If you want to revert to the outfit you were wearing when you entered the shop, or you don’t want to purchase your outfit, tap this button.
  3. When you are happy with your outfit, and want to purchase it, tap the done button. If you have enough coins and/or diamonds the items will purchase automatically.
  4. This shows how much longer the store will be in Hotel Hideaway. When you buy an item of clothing from the store, it will always show an emblem from that store.   
  5. This box displays all the items for sale, their rarity level and their prices. Remember, if you double click on something it will purchase it. If an item is from a set, you can choose to put it all on. Items from the same set have the same background.
  6. The number of coins and diamonds you have are displayed here.
  7. These tabs show the different types of clothes you can buy from the store.