1. This shows your avatar’s level.

  2. This is where your name is displayed.

  3. Tap here to join a group. If you have already joined a group, its name will be displayed here

  4. This is your motto. You can edit it by tapping on it. You can either put text, or a link to one of your rooms. 

  5. This is your description. You can write more about yourself in this box. Tap on it to edit it.

  6. This is the number of cookies you currently have available to give to other guests.

  7. If you make a mistake or type something that you don’t want any more, you can clean your profile by using this button. 

  8. If you are happy with your profile page, you can save it by tapping this button. 

  9. You can use this tab to see how many stickers or pins you have available to use on your profile page.  

  10. These tabs allow you to move between stickers, pins and profile pages top decorate your profile card with. 

  11. To access the different sticker categories, tap on the icons at the bottom. You are also able to access your stickers and pins here depending on the tab you have selected and can choose which ones you wish to put on your profile card.