1. You can see all items from a specific set here. If you don’t see an item of clothing you won here, it means that it’s available in another place.
  2. This shows the rarity of the item and the items contained  in that set. In case of the Tailor of Fortune collection the name of the set is also displayed here.
  3. These are the four different tabs for the three different clothing set types. From left to right: Recycler, Tailor of Fortune, Lost and Found and Carpenter of Crates.
  4. This is the clothing set type you’re currently looking at, the number of items you own in that set and the number of clothing items you own from the set.
  5. Some sets give you a reward when you complete a specific row. If there is a lock, you have not yet completed the set and received the reward.
  6. If the clothing item is greyed out, you do not own it yet.
  7. The icon in the corner tells you what event the clothing items belong to.
  8. If there is an exclamation mark on the clothing item, you have just obtained the item.
  9. If you have completed the set, there is no need to collect the prize here - you will receive it automatically after you win the last item.