The Tailor of Fortune is split into two different wheels - the events wheel, and the permanent / seasonal collections spinner.

The events wheel will only be available when a mini event is live, and will contain clothing items related to the event. The permanent collection wheel will be available at all times, and contains items that you will always be able to win, as well as seasonal clothing. 

To open the wheel you want to use, you just need to tap on it. If the wheel is not available it will be grayed out, and it’ll show a countdown timer for the next event. If you are spinning one wheel, and want to go back to the other one, you can press the ‘back’ button. 

Once you are in your wheel of choice, you will see the following screen (with seasonal decoration):

  1. Tap this to see all the items you have won from the Tailor of Fortune. The items are arranged in sets according to the number of stars they have.
  2. This is the amount of time left until your Tailor of Fortune spins reset.
  3. This is what you have to swipe to spin the Tailor of Fortune wheel. When it lands on a tile, the colour of the tile and number of stars shows you the rarity of the item you’ll win.
  4. This button lets you purchase more spins with coins. You can buy one, 10 or 100 spins at a time. The more spins you buy, the cheaper it is per spin!
  5. You can see how many spins you have left here.
  6. If  you have 10 or more spins available, then this button will appear. By pressing it, you can quickly spin through 10 spins.  Note that this option is only available to guests who are level 24 or higher.
  7. This is where you can watch up to two ads per day to spin again.
Sometimes, in addition to winning an item of clothing, you’ll also win coins or maybe even unlock a new sticker.
Below are the probabilities you have of winning a star item.   
Below is the pity timer for the Tailor of Fortune, which we’ve put in to ensure you get a certain rarity of an item after a certain amount of spins.