1. This shows you the number of friends joining you in a rift, and what friendship rank they are with you. If you have a crown displaying, it means you started the rift party.
  2. These boxes show you how many ads you have left to watch. You can only use them once per rift. Watch ads in order to increase the amount of currency you get.
  3. This is how much currency you have accumulated so far.
  4. This calls your warper back, immediately stopping work on that rift. You will be awarded currency according to how long you have been extracting from the rift.
  5. This is how well you and your friends did in the tapping game. The better your friend does in this game, the better the reward you get.
  6. This shows the type and rarity of the rift you are in. There are diamond and gold rifts which range from rarity level one to three
  7. This is where you can see your rift tokens. When this is active, you can quadruple your reward!