Even though Hotel Hideaway is for people aged 17 and over, it’s still a good idea to follow some safety tips to ensure that you always have a great experience. 

Profile Page and Motto

Everyone can read your profile page and motto, so it’s always best to avoid including things that identify you in your profile, such as your city, school, university or town. 

So that people can get to know you, you can include your favourite food, a song or artist that you like or something that you like to do or read. 

Talking to people

Do you ever truly know who you are talking to? Avoid telling people intimate details about yourself that could be used to harass you later. You should also think twice before sharing your personal information outside of Hotel Hideaway. 

Connected Accounts

Hotel Hideaway uses Facebook, Game Center, Apple ID and Google Play to connect your account. Never give someone access to those accounts, as not only do they give other users access to your Hotel Hideaway account, they can then also access everything - including payment information.