Do you really love a gesture and want to use it again, and again, and again? Well, now you can with quick access slots for gestures!

To set a quick access gesture, you need to be at least level 5. Once you’ve reached this level, the quick access locks will unlock and become visible!


To add your favourite gestures to your quick access keys, you need to go to the Gestionary and click on the edit button. This will only be visible if you are at a high enough level. The edit button can be found underneath gesture purchases. 


The quick save slots will appear on the right side of the screen, and you will be able to select the gesture from the Gestionary on the left side. 

The first two quick save slot will be free, and the next three will be purchasable, for a maximum of five slots. You will be able to reset the slots if you decide to change them. Remember to press save before leaving the screen, otherwise your chosen gestures will not be saved.