Teleport furniture can only be set as an ENTRY teleport or EXIT teleport. Arrows will indicate if a teleport is for entering or exiting. 


Once you have placed your teleport, you can then select if you want it to be an ‘ENTRY’ or ‘EXIT’ teleport. 


If you select ‘ENTRY’ then you can select what room you want other people to teleport to. 


You can then select where you want the users to teleport to - the front door of the room, or a specific teleport that you have already placed and marked as an ‘EXIT’ teleport.




When a teleport is set as an ‘ENTRY’ teleport, you can select where the teleport will send a user. If there is no ‘EXIT’ teleport chosen, the user will get transported to the door of the room you choose. If your room is full when someone is trying to enter, they will get sent to the lobby instead. Note that a room must be published in order to send people there using a teleport. 


If you select a teleport to be an ‘EXIT’ teleport, you can assign it a letter. This allows you to send them to specific parts of the room – perfect if you’re creating an interactive game. 


Multiple teleports can be assigned to the same letter, or you can assign them different letters up to the letter ‘H’.


You can also select that the teleport be used only for your own rooms - ‘OWNER’, or if you would like anyone to be able to visit ‘VISITORS’.