The Merge Bot is located inside the Recycler in the Oasis Lobby. Tap on the Recycler and you’ll be able to see a tab for the Merge Bot.

In order to merge items, you first need items that are mergeable. Items that are mergeable are clearly labelled with a green mergeable icon. You can see them in the Merge Bot interface.

To get a new item, you must have at least five of the same mergeable items. Four of these can be selected in the Merge Bot interface and merged to make a brand new item (as shown above). You always need at least one in your inventory – only the excess count as mergeable items.

After you tap ‘Merge’, you’ll receive a brand new item. Usually, this item will also be mergeable. This means that you can create another new item out of the item you just created, IF you have enough of them.

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