Fansites are websites created by users to promote/talk about Hotel Hideaway (new items, event, etc.) Sulake does not own these sites and has nothing to do with their content. Fansites must follow the fansite way.

Fansites CAN:

  • Post fun, friendly Hideaway news with their own analysis.
  • Hold competitions and parties in Hideaway.
  • Allow all Hideaway players to join in, without discrimination.
  • Discuss non-offensive Hideaway gossip on forums.
  • Create fun and non-offensive content.
  • Offer help for new and old guests.
  • Hold events for their followers.
  • Offset your hosting costs with advertising banners or ad words.
  • Use publicly accessible images created and owned by Sulake Oy responsibly and within the restrictions of the Fansite Way and Terms & Conditions of Hotel Hideaway.

Fansites Must NOT:

  • Offer hacking, scripting or editing programmes.
  • Publish any unreleased news regarding updates, new furni or features without Sulake's prior permission.
  • Ask visitors for their passwords or personal information such as telephone numbers or home address.
  • Charge users for premium services such as VIP access.
  • Act as an affiliate for a commercial entity, nor offer merchandise or services for sale.
  • Offer to buy, sell or trade Hideaway accounts for real money or in-game Hotel Hideaway currencies.
  • Break the law or talk others into breaking it. 
  • Publish any material which may be offensive to other users or contains sexual content.
  • Publish any personal information, pictures, video or documents belonging to Sulake Oy.
  • Use slander or any other form of bullying in order to harass other people.
  • Disrupt the operation of any other official or unofficial fansite, nor disrupt the Hotel community.
  • Replicate any part of the Hotel Hideaway service ('Retro' Hotels, etc).
  • Represent that your site is approved by or affiliated with Sulake Oy or that any other content on your site is approved by or affiliated with Sulake Oy.
Our current official fansites: