Our chat filter categories are trusted, trustworthy and untrustworthy. Every guest starts with the trustworthy level, but the trust level can change based on their chat behavior. 

The chat is filtered based on our community rules. In short, if your chat is inappropriate, a robot will strike out the offending word!

Here is a quick recap on the trust levels:
  • Trusted users are subject to the lowest amount of censorship.
  • Trustworthy users are subject to medium levels of censorship.
  • Untrusted users are more heavily moderated.
We filter chat in all public and published rooms, as well as profile cards, motto's and usernames. It's worth noting that we don’t filter private messages in unpublished rooms or private chat, however, you can choose for all chat to be censored in your settings. Chat lines in all rooms and private chat will count towards your trust level.

With good behaviour it is possible to climb up the trust ladder.