Hotel Hideaway is for players 17 years and older.

Hotel Hideaway's public rooms are for everyone:
  • Keep it clean from sexual talk / sexual role play.
  • The hotel is for everyone to enjoy, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.
  • While some swearing is allowed in the Hotel, don't spam or harass other users with it.
  • We always think that it's safer to keep your personal information to yourself.
  • Be excellent to each other.

We want Hotel Hideaway to be an inclusive place, where all guests feel welcome and comfortable. This means that we want to create a safe environment where people can express themselves in the way that they want. Creating these spaces mean that we will remove any content that hinders people having fun while playing Hotel Hideaway. 

We define content as any speech said by a user, a user's profile and motto text, and room name and descriptions. 

We will remove any content, and ban any user, that breaks our community rules which are:

General content

  • Content that praises, supports or promotes any organisations or people that are considered dangerous is not allowed. 
  • Violent threats against other users.  
  • Content that promotes suicide or suicidal ideation. Content that promotes numbers to help people is allowed. 
  • Any content that dehumanizes an individual, or group of people.  
  • Any rooms that either list humans for sale, or imply that humans are for sale. 
  • Any content that can be seen to promote violence against an individual or a group of people. 
  • Any kind of hate speech, including slurs. 
  • Anything that promotes or glorifies hateful ideologies. 
  • Creating rooms with the intent to share or solicit sexual images or content from other users.

Content directed to individual users
  • Revealing personal information about other people. 
  • Group coordination of harassment against another user. 
  • Threats to reveal images of another user. 
  • Unsolicited sexual advances to another guest.
  • Any threats, coercion or blackmail against another user.