You can find the original terms of service here.
The terms of this agreement govern the relationship between you and Sulake Oy (hereinafter “Sulake” or “Us” or “We”) regarding your use of Hotel Hideaway located at
These terms of service, together with the Hotel Hideaway Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) and any other terms specifically referred to in those documents constitute a legally binding agreement between you and the Developer in relation to your use of the Service and contain important information about your rights and obligations.


The following is all about your rights and responsibilities when you use Hotel Hideaway.
  • If you use a specific service to access Hotel Hideaway, they also might have some terms and conditions.
  • You can create an account directly with us, or with another approved service.
  • You need to be 17+ to have an account.
  • You should always be aware if you’re paying for extra data while using Hotel Hideaway!
  • You can use the service if it's just for fun, but you can’t use Hotel Hideaway as a business.
  • Being able to play Hotel Hideaway now doesn’t mean you’ll always have the ability to do so.
  • Sulake owns all the intellectual rights to Hotel Hideaway, and the copyright for anything to do with Hotel Hideaway.
  • Don’t use Hotel Hideaway to hack or exploit anyone else’s devices.
  • Don’t harass, bully or try to harm another user, or anyone who works for Sulake.
  • Don’t collect personal information from other users and spread it.
  • Don’t spread or promote anything that promotes nudity, or impersonate another person.
  • You’re responsible for anything that happens on your account, and if you’re banned, you recognise that you’re not allowed to use Hotel Hideaway again.
  • You are not allowed to share or sell your account or login information including your password.
  • You’re responsible for complying with all the responsibilities of keeping your account secure, and Sulake have no control or responsibility for any third party service.
  • Sulake owns everything that is on Hotel Hideaway, and we can take away or ban accounts for any reason.
  • If you delete your own account, you might not be able to get it back again, and we do not have to compensate you.
  • Make sure you don’t create anything in Hotel Hideaway that is copyrighted by another company, or has nothing malicious on it  - anything that you make is your own responsibility. You bear all risks associated with the use of any Use Content available in connection with the Service.
  • Other users will probably see anything you create in Hotel Hideaway
  • Hotel Hideaway doesn’t have any obligation to monitor or remove what is made by other users, so you might see something you don’t like.
  • Hotel Hideaway keeps all your chats.
  • Anything you create within Hotel Hideaway, or using Hotel Hideaway content, can be used by us for anything that we see fit, without compensating you.
  • You’re responsible for your interactions with other users, and Hotel Hideaway won’t get involved if you have a fight with someone.
  • You’re not allowed to give any of the virtual items you buy to anyone else.
  • Virtual Items have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for real goods/services or for real money from us or anyone else.
  • When you purchase on Hotel Hideaway, you need to pay any taxes, make sure you have the bill payers permission and you agree that you are not owed any refunds.
  • Hotel Hideaway owns all content in the game, including everything you buy.
  • Sulake isn’t responsible for any issues that happen to the game, and we can’t promise that you’ll always be able to access the service when you want - we’ll try and make the experience as good as possible though.
  • Sulake also can’t promise that the game is bug free, or is free of viruses.
  • Sulake isn’t liable if anything that happens in Hotel Hideaway affects you, or damages anything that you own.
  • If you’re in Europe, this doesn’t affect any of your rights. (The European rights will come before anything that is said here, if there are conflicts)
  • If anything happens to you because you used Hotel Hideaway, Sulake is not responsible for any fees or compensation.
  • If your account hasn’t been active for six (6) months, (180 days) Sulake can delete it.
  • If Sulake thinks you’re doing anything wrong or illegal on your account, they can stop you accessing Hotel Hideaway.
  • If Sulake delete, ban, or remove your access to the game, they don’t have to compensate or refund you.
  • You can also terminate your account at any time.
  • If you have a problem, you should always contact Sulake first.  
  • If you are in the USA, then any claim or dispute you have with Sulake will be dealt with in California.
  • If you are not in the USA, then any claims or disputes you have in Sulake will be dealt with in Helsinki, Finland.
  • If you are in Europe, your claims and disputes can be submitted for online resolution to the European Commission Online Disputes Resolution:
  • Sulake can change anything in these terms of service at any time.
  • Every paragraph is different, so if a court decides that one paragraph is wrong, that doesn’t mean the others are as well.
  • Sulake can give these rights and responsibilities to anyone, but you can’t give them to anyone.
  • This entire text is an agreement between you and Sulake.
  • Sulake can notify you about any news in any channel they have available. If you want to contact Sulake you need to do it in writing.
  • If Sulake enforces one of the responsibilities, that doesn’t meant they can’t enforce other responsibilities.
  • If you cause any issues in Hotel Hideaway, Sulake can sue you.
  • Sulake is not responsible for any issues that happen because of things outside of their control.
  • We can’t promise that your device will always be compatible with Hotel Hideaway.

The Service is offered by Sulake Oy, a private limited company incorporated under the laws of Finland with its principal place of business in Helsinki, Finland.
Attention: Legal Department
Sulake Oy.
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