Your inbox is where you get all the latest news, collect your My Room season rewards, and pick up other kinds of prizes. Once you have received items or currency in your inbox, you have 30 days to collect it. After the 30 days, it will automatically be moved to your inventory. If you collect items or currency from your inbox before the 30 day period is over, the message will still remain in your inbox, unless you choose to remove it.

There are nine different types of inbox messages. Each category has a different picture depending on why something was sent to you.

  News items - these articles will inform you about what’s going on in Hotel Hideaway!

Patch notes - when we release an update, these patch notes will let you know what’s changed in Hotel Hideaway. 

Poll - if we ever want to know what you’re thinking, we might send you a poll to get your opinion on something. 

My Room season rewards - if you get one of these, it means that you have placed in a My Room season. 

Social media competition rewards - if you win a competition on social media, you’ll be able to collect your prize from this message. 
Mini event rewards - if you or your team win a mini-event like a cookie war, you’ll be able to collect your prize from this message. 

Technical issues - if we ever have any technical or service issues, we’ll send you a message about it. 

Payment issues - if you have experienced a payment issue, your purchase will be given to you here. 

Staff reward - this is one of the rarest messages of all. If you do something exceptional, a staff member may send you a reward!