Vamos is a way of teleporting yourself and other guests between rooms together in one big group. Rather than teleporting individually and risk being teleported to different dimensions, with Vamos you can ensure you all get to the same room in the same dimension. You need to be level 12 in order for Vamos to appear.
Here’s how to use Vamos to teleport you and your friends to a room of your choosing:
  • Make sure the guests you want to teleport with are standing next to you and are ready to tap on the Vamos you create.
  • Tap on the blue and white icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen next to the ‘Join friends’ button.
  • Choose which room you all want to teleport to from the menu that appears. This will start a countdown timer which is visible above your avatar. The guests who want to join your Vamos have to tap this timer.
  • Once the countdown timer runs out, you and the guests that tapped the Vamos timer will be teleported to the room you chose.
NOTE: guests that you have muted cannot join your Vamos. Likewise, guests that have muted you cannot join your Vamos either.
NOTE: only 20 guests can join a single Vamos.