You use the Carpenter of Chance to get My Room items. We’ll place new items inside it regularly. Don’t worry if you miss out on an item or two, though - every so often, we’ll rotate the items and the majority of it will be placed in a shop where you can select the exact items you want to purchase.
My Room items can be obtained from three different sorts of crates. The crates are either brown, purple or gold. Brown crates contain items that can range between one and five stars. Purple crates contain items that are either three, four or five star items. Gold crates contain four or five star items.
You can visit the Carpenter of Chance every day to get a free brown crate. Once you’re there, the screen shows you a lot of information:
  1. In the same way as the Recycler and the Tailor of Fortune, you can see your collection of My Room items..
  2. This box show how much longer the current My Room items will be available for from the Carpenter of Chance.
  3. This shows you how many crates you currently have.
  4. Tap this to open the selected crate.
  5. Tap here to get your free daily crate and to purchase more crates.
The below picture shows the chances you have of winning an item from the Carpenter of Chance.

Below is the pity timer for the Carpenter of Chance, which we’ve put in to ensure you get a certain rarity of an item after a certain amount of crates used.