1.  This list represents your current level.
  2.  This part shows you what you have unlocked (in the case of the first list) or what you will unlock in the future (in the case of the following lists). Each icon represents a different type of unlock.  

  3.  Faded lists are the levels that you have not unlocked yet. The progress bar shows how many points you have gained, and shows how much you need to progress until you hit the next level.

  4.  Swipe right to see what the next few levels unlock.

Access to a new public room
Access to two person gestures
Access to the Recycler
A new random colour. You get one every two levels until you collect all 15.
Ability to create a Vamos
New colour in the colour shop
Access to daily reward
Access to the Tailor of Fortune
Ability to give cookies
Ability to visit the room with the most friends
Access to new gesture tiles
Access to a new hair colour in the store
Ability to edit motto
Access to a new sticker slot