1. This displays how many stickers you have. This includes all the default stickers and achievement stickers.
  2. This table shows you all the stickers you have collected in the selected category. If you don’t have a sticker, it will appear as a blank outline. The hardest stickers to get are at the top, and the easiest are at the bottom. If there is a line connecting stickers, it means that you need to unlock the easier one first before moving onto the harder one.  
  3. This shows you the category of the Sticktionary page you are on and how many of the stickers from that category you own.
  4. All the stickers that you favourite will be displayed here and will be easy to spot and use.
  5. These are the different sticker categories.
  6. This is the achievements tab. You can see your progress here as well as the prizes given out for completing an achievement. Each achievement has three levels, all with gradually increasing rewards.
  7. This is the pin tab. Tapping on this tab will allow you to see all the pins that you have.